Fuel Oil

Fuel Oil Tanker Semi-trailer

Fuel oil tanker trailer from 2 axle to 4 axle. We can produce elliptical, ellipsoidal or optional type tanker semi trailer from aluminum or black sheet material. We have ADR compatible tank production.
We manufacture with our worldwide certificates. It is produced with Aluminum tank material or Steel tank material.
We are a REAL manufacturer.
"Gurlesenyil Trailer – GT semitrailer" NO other brand
Tanker Semi Trailer Certificates:
EN ISO 3834-2 :
Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials – Part 2: Comprehensive quality requirements
AD 2000 Merkblatt W0:
AD 2000 Merkblatt was developed for pressure vessel design and manufacture. The certification includes assessment of technical documents, assessment of test reports, assessment of testing procedures, check of the reliability of working procedures and personnel appraisal of materials use. W0 certification for product components and HP0 certification for the products are carried out within the scope of AD 2000 Merkblatt.
For Semi Trailer, NSAI EC Type-Approval
For Manufacturer Quality System ISO 9001:2015
For LPG or Tanker Trailer Tank Hydraulic Pressure Test (TÜV Austria)
Optionel: LPG or Tanker Tank Radiographic Welding Test (TÜV Austria) for ADR
Optionel: For LPG or Tanker Trailer Tank Welding, WPS and WPQR Certificates (TÜV Austria)
Optionel: Tanker Tank Material Certificates
Tanker trailer is suitable for to carrying fuel, diesel, Jet A1, water and any other liquid materials.